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We provide 24/7/365 pioneering white-labelled veterinary services and telehealth throughout the UK and internationally. Get in touch with our team for more information.

Veterinary Communications Online

Making Connections with Pet Owners

We help facilitate overall pet health with our telehealth services that span a wide range of different departments. We can get our services to your customers quickly through telephone, live chat or video calls.

What can we offer?

24/7/365 bespoke veterinary care
White-labelled services supporting your brand and business
Veterinary nurse led services through our in-house experts
Marketing support with evidence-based content
Pioneering telehealth for over 20 years
Nutritional and bereavement support

There are millions of pets worldwide, with 13 million dogs, 12 million cats and 1.6 million rabbits and birds registered as pets within the UK in 2022; it was found that only 4.3 million of them are insured. Each one of them will need veterinary support in their lifetime, and although 98% of pet owners consider their pet as one of the family, accessing treatment isn’t always easy.

When a visit to the vets isn’t possible, pet owners want convenient access to veterinary advice and support. That’s why we’ve been offering 24/7/365 telehealth and digital vet care to pet owners since 2003.

Our mission has always been to provide convenient, cost effective and high quality veterinary advice to pet owners – and we want to help pet brands worldwide do the same.

Pet insurance support
Post operative owner support
24/7 telehealth from qualified veterinary professionals
Enhanced advice services through our in-house experts
Annual online health checks
Live video health consultations

Our pets vary in personality just like we do. When expanding our families, we like to ensure they are the right fit and get the best care they need. With over 95% of pet owners considering their pet to be part of the family, with 58% of millennials preferring to have pets over children. 

Typically, millennials enjoy emotional and financial comfort wherever they can. Help give peace of mind to new pet insurance customers with our digital veterinary support. Relying on technology for quick and easy support, we can help your customers. 

With pet insurance and guaranteed medical support, your pet insurance customers will thank you for the peace of mind they’ll receive in the likelihood of surprise costs or accidents.

Bereavement support
Post operative follow up
Enhanced advice services through our in-house experts
Ongoing check ups
Online live chat assistance
24/7 telephone support

Our pets deserve all the help and support they can get for the best chance at a long and happy life. With a vast majority of animal charity donations being donated by pet owners, it’s clear that we can give our pets a well deserved life with our support. 

Consider offering our services to new pet owners and donors when looking for donations or allowing rehomed pets to find their forever homes. Our services are perfect for easing their new pets into their home environment and lifestyle.

With regular check ups available, new owners can be reassured that they can give their new family member another lease on life.

Years of Expertise
Veterinary Networks
Veterinary Consultations
Consults per Annum

24/7 Phone Line

One of our veterinarians or veterinary nurses is available around the clock to speak with your clients. A qualified veterinary professional will handle all calls within 30 seconds: no holding music loops or call centres.

When pet owners call us, our qualified professionals assess the issue. Quick assessment can save time, money and stress along with benefiting animal welfare.

Pet Insurer Support Online

Live Video Chat

Customers are interested in convenience and flexibility first. They want to access services quickly and are looking for a range of options. Web chat is a popular communication method with pet owners who often turn to the internet first. 

Your pet owners will appreciate the ease of using live web chat and speaking with a vet professional one-on-one. Half of customers now anticipate having access to live online chat, and 42% say they prefer it.

Video Consultations

Our veterinary colleagues can initiate a video consultation to assist with minor injuries, skin issues, or other symptoms. We provide both one way and two way videos for ultimate convenience and comfort from your own home. 

With video, we can give insight and help pet owners make informed decisions. Importantly, customers don’t need to download any apps. With just an internet connection, they can receive professional help quickly.

Our Enhanced Service Provision

Behavioural Advice

Pet owners deserve to learn the best practices to achieve and meet physical and mental goals with our behavioural support and expertise.

Puppy & Kitten Care

When you expand your family with a new furry friend, we provide a proactive support network for pet owners dealing with early development.

Dental Care

Prevention, identification and growing awareness of oral health are the pillars of our dental care service to maintain your pet’s health.

Regular Checkups

Our virtual checkups can help you keep an eye on ongoing health conditions without needing to replace in person veterinary practice visits.

Bereavement Support

We understand losing a member of the family is difficult. With accredited nurses, we can aid owners through the difficult bereavement process.

Nutritional Advice

Our team has an in depth understanding and expertise in nutritional principles and concepts to create tailored diets for different pets.

Weight Management

Managing obesity, exercise, and lifestyle management is essential for pet owners. We can help you with our weight management services.

Senior & Palliative Care

Our team has experience with senior pet care and can offer various techniques and helpful tools to continue supportive care into seniority.

Post Operative Support

When a pet needs post operative help, it can be a stressful time. We’re here to help you with the following treatment steps to get your pet back on its paws.

We're Trusted by Our Customers

It’s great that we can provide access to a trusted source of advice for pet owners looking for information on topics such as diet and exercise. We are committed to helping customers care for and provide for their pets every day, so were very pleased that our customers can access quality veterinary advice 24/7 from The Vet Connection’s team of experienced nurses.

Being there for our clients 24 hours a day, 7 days a week means a great deal to us and to our clients. The Vet Connection was the perfect solution. During the hours our practice is closed, their stellar team of RVN’s work as a triage service to comfort and support our clients. They have been instrumental in keeping our team and our clients happy and supported, which keeps us happy as a business.

How Does It Work?

All of our communication channels will connect your customers to our trusted network of vets and veterinary nurses who are trained to adhere to the RCVS Code of Professional Conduct and follow set protocols that ensure they deliver consistent and high quality veterinary advice.

Pet Insurer Support Services
Step 01

Regular Checkups

Our customers can use our services to connect directly with a vet or veterinary nurse to assist them with their queries or problems.

Step 02


Our professionally trained Vets or Veterinary Nurses will ask a series of questions to work out the best solution and make an initial assessment.

Step 03

Advice & Action

After an assessment, we will offer you advice on your query. Alternatively, we may suggest a video consultation to investigate the issue more thoroughly.

Step 04

Wrapping Up

Upon receiving assistance, our veterinary colleagues will provide clear instructions and recommendations. This allows pet owners to feel confident about the advice they have received.

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Yes – we have been delivering telehealth service for the Vetfone brand for over 20 years.

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